Nasir Academy

Nasir Academy provides moral, religious, and contemporary education to Ahmadi Children between the ages of 7-14.

The future of Islam Ahmadiyyat lies in how we prepare our children today to become the guardians of the future. Our objective is to equip our children with grassroots knowledge of their faith so that they have a solid foundation to build on and become confident Ahmadi Muslims. Nasir Academy curriculum is age appropriate and uses innovative approaches in its deliverance. A proper infrastructure is in place to educate our young generation with an approach that embraces everything from social to spiritual to moral to academic dimensions. A key feature of the success of academy is that it employs existing professional teaching methodologies of public schools and fans them out to deliver the religious education. The educational system of Nasir Academy imparts knowledge in a simple, interesting and interactive way. The classes are held once a month on designated Sundays. The academy is divided into four levels: Level-1 (7 and 8) years Level-2 (9 and 10) years Level-3 (11 and 12) years Level-4 (13 and 14) years